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Statuette of a woman

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek


The statuette is made of limestone. Intact except for some minor damages to the nose. Traces of red paint can be seen with the naked eye as vertical lines on the dress.

Description of object

The woman stands in a frontal position, with her left arm hanging down and her right hand holding a flower in front of her breast. She wears a bandeau, numerous rings in her ears, and a necklace. Her dress is tight and shows traces of red paint. Seen in profile the statuette is remarkably flat.

Choice of methods

Visual examination

  • Macroscopic


F. Poulsen (1951), Catalogue of Ancient Sculpture in the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen, cat. no. 10c.

A.M. Nielsen (1992), Catalogue. The Cypriote Collection. Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen, cat. no. 3.

  • IN 2745
  • Statuette
  • 6th century B.C.E.
  • Archaic
  • Limestone
  • Bought in 1924 from an art market.
  • H. 52.5 cm.

Selected photos

  • Img_7462_red